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Marker Contact Reins For Children & Beginners For Aid Of Balance With Coloured Grip Markers

Contact Reins With Coloured Markers




With Coloured Marker Grips


Proudly Made By US In South Australia

We have  done it again..!!  Found Another Training Aid..!!

These are our  Best Selling Contact Reins  BUT as an added aid (there’s just no stopping us)
We have added coloured markers that match each side of the rein
to help young riders know where to put there hands on the rein and enabling them to keep the reins level.

Our Contact Reins
Are Truly Revolutionary
Fantastic For Children But Equally As Great For An Inexperienced Rider
A Perfect Entry Level Set.

HOW DO THEY WORK..?? (I hear you ask) (Very Easily..!!)

The new and improved sliding elastic support reins connect to the dee rings on your saddle.
(No Dees No Problem We Will Supply Attachments)
The support rein will come into play if your pony/horse puts it’s head down too far (ie, snatching to eat grass)
the pull is then transferred to the elastic contact rein, stopping at the saddle.
The contact rein acts like a second pair of hands with contact remaining always with the pony.

Easy to put on and take off with snaps at both sides


Great to assist with collection and head carriage
also helps with the horses transition and balance.
(Without Tugging Or Pulling On The Horse’s Mouth)


Beginners & Children

This Will Aid Balance
Especially In Young Children Who Do Not Have the Legs & Seat
(Or still hands) to do it themselves.

Not Just Another Aid This Is Simple Genius..!

In 1 Inch Braided Cotton Durable But Soft

Available In A range Of Beautiful Bright Colours

Now With Added Coloured Marker Grips

*Also Available In Leather See Our Ebay Store (Under Reins)


These Come Under The Grass Rein Rule BUT Each State Is Slightly Different So Please Check

Any Questions. Just Ask .We Are A Friendly Bunch & Happy To Help 🙂

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

Cob, Full, Mini, Pony, Shetland, Small Pony, X-Full

Nylon Colour

Black, Brown, Cerise Pink, Emerald Green, Gold/Yellow, Purple, Red, Royal Blue

Dee Attachment

No, Yes