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Charinga Thick Kersey Wool Rug

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Kersey Wool Rug

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Charinga Collar Check Woollen Under Rug

A Lovely Thick Cosy Rug
With A Fantastic Long Drop
Always A Favourite In Our Shop & Online.
Perfect Rug For The Chilly Weather Conditions
Ideal As A Stable Rug, Under Rug Show Rug Or A Travel Rug For Extra Warmth.
Fully Bound And Made In Thick & Cosy Kersey Wool
Thick & Cosy Kersey Wool
Single Front Strap
Reinforced Neck Line
Removable Leg Straps
Reinforced Leg Strap Fitting
Fully Bound
Satin On Mane To Prevent Rubbing
Cream Collar Check In Gold & Royal Design

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Rug Size

4ft 6, 4ft 9, 5ft 9, 6ft, 6ft 3, 6ft 6