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Leather Reins 5/8 Leather

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Black Or Brown Leather  5/8 Reins



Cavendish & Court 5/8 Leather Reins


Cavendish & Court Fine English Styled Leather Tack.

Traditional English Style Pit Tanning Produces A Product Similar In Feel, 

Look,Touch & Smell To The Finest English Leather Products.


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Made out of plain fine quality leather, these reins are smooth with buckle ends

The reins are thin and flexible, offering a nice connection to the horse’s mouth

 presenting a clean look. 

Most riders often use plain reins as a curb rein with a Weymouth or as a main rein in dressage.


Available In:-

 3’4  Pony 

3’9 Full

4’9 X-Full


Black Or Havana Brown Leather


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

3'4, 3'9, 4'9

Leather Colour

Black, Brown