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Neck Stretcher Elastic Chambon For Riding Or Lunging

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Fully Adjustable Elastic


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Horse Neck Stretcher Elastic Chambon For Riding Or Lunging

These reins help to encourage the correct use of the horse’s neck & back muscles.

These can be used when ridden or lunging.

Fully elastic and fully adjustable

In Black

One Size

How to use:-

To begin place the adjustable bungee stopper at the central point on the horse’s poll.

Thread one of the bungee clips though the outer ring of the horse’s bit.
Attach the bungee clip to one of the following options:

clip on to the girth D-ring. If your girth does not have a D-ring loop, you can loop the rein under the girth and clip back onto itself.
clip on to the saddle D-ring

Repeat on the opposite side of your horse.

Ensure the bungee stopper is adjusted at the top of the horse’s head. Making sure  this is not too tight causing the horse discomfort.