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Horse Measure

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Horse Hand Measure



• The Horse Measuring Tape is a retractable measuring tape that measures in hands, can be easily carried around and is easy to use.
• Because the tape is quite rigid it allows you to easily measure your horse without a stick. This can be of great benefit when measuring young or flighty horses or ponies that object to a large stick being placed next to them for measuring purposes.
• To obtain a more accurate measurement we suggest placing a ruler, or other straight object horizontally across from your horse’s wither to the tape. An extra pair of hands to hold the tape will also assist with an accurate measurement.• Tape measures from 1 hand right through to 20 hands, and the extensive marker points allow you to obtain an accurate measurement down to 1/8. For example, you will be able to measure your horse as accurately as 13.3 3/4″, 15.1 7/8″ etc.
• Retractable & easy to store
• Measures in hands and centimetres
• Measure from 1 hand to 20 hands

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