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Running Martingale Eureka

Running Martingale Leather



The Eureka Running Martingale can be used on a horse to give a rider extra control by preventing a horse from raising its head above a point where it can be controlled. A running martingale acts by adding leverage through the bridle reins to the bit on to the bars of the horse’s mouth. This action is applied by a running martingale when the horse raises its head too high causing the martingale to put pressure on the reins. This pressure encourages the horse or pony to lower its head.

A running martingale will allow a rider to give freedom in the reins if the horse trips or need full use of its head and neck for any other reason.

This running martingale has two reinforced rings with neck strap.


Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Leather Colour

Black, Brown


Cob, Full, Pony